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In the competitive world of freelancing, the importance of a well-crafted freelance cover letter cannot be overstated. A freelance cover letter is often your first point of contact with a potential client, offering you a prime opportunity to showcase your skills and professionalism. Understanding how to effectively communicate your value through a freelance cover letter can significantly increase your chances of getting hired. Here are the best 10 hacks to make your freelance cover letter stand out and boost your hire rate.

Advantages of Unique Cover Letter

Creating a unique freelance cover letter for each application is crucial. A personalized letter demonstrates your genuine interest in the project and your dedication to providing tailored solutions for the client. It sets you apart from those sending generic applications, highlighting your commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Creating a unique cover letter for each freelance application offers several advantages:

  • Demonstrates Genuine Interest: Personalizing your cover letter shows that you have a real interest in the specific project, making you stand out as a dedicated candidate.
  • Highlights Tailored Solutions: It allows you to discuss how your skills and experiences specifically match the client’s needs, showcasing your ability to provide customized solutions.
  • Sets You Apart from the Competition: A unique cover letter distinguishes you from other freelancers who may submit generic applications, enhancing your chances of being noticed.
  • Shows Commitment to Quality: Taking the time to craft a unique letter for each application reflects your commitment to delivering high-quality work.
  • Enhances Communication Skills: It provides an opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills, showing that you can convey your ideas effectively and persuasively.
  • Attention to Detail: A customized cover letter signals that you pay attention to the details, an essential trait for successfully completing projects to the client’s satisfaction.
  • Builds a Stronger Connection: By addressing the client’s specific concerns and requirements, you can establish a stronger, more personal connection from the start.
  • Improves Success Rate: Tailoring your cover letter to each job can significantly improve your chances of getting hired, as it shows that you’ve invested effort in understanding the project and the client’s needs.

Hack #1: Customize Your Cover Letter for Each Job

Avoiding generic cover letters is essential. Each freelance cover letter should be tailored to the specific job posting and client needs. Mention the project by name, and relate it directly to the requirements listed in the job description. This approach shows that you’ve taken the time to understand what the client is seeking, significantly increasing your chances of catching their attention.

Hack #2: Start With a Strong Opening Line

The opening line of your freelance cover letter is critical. It’s your hook. Begin with something memorable, such as how you can solve a problem the client faces or an impressive achievement relevant to the job. For example, “I’ve successfully increased website traffic by 200% for my last three clients, and I’m excited to help you achieve similar results.”

Hack #3: Showcase Your Relevant Skills and Experiences

Highlight skills and experiences in your freelance cover letter that are most relevant to the job. Use specific examples and achievements to demonstrate your expertise. Quantify your successes whenever possible, as this makes your claims more credible and concrete.

Hack #4: Use Keywords from the Job Description

Incorporate keywords from the job posting into your freelance cover letter. This not only shows that you’ve read the description carefully but also helps your letter pass through any applicant tracking systems. Identify the most important skills and qualifications listed and weave them into your narrative.

Hack #5: Demonstrate Your Understanding of the Client’s Needs

Show that you’ve done your homework by demonstrating an understanding of the client’s needs in your freelance cover letter. Mention any relevant industry trends or challenges and how you can help address them. This shows that you’re not just interested in any job but are specifically interested in helping them succeed.

Hack #6: Keep It Concise and Focused

Brevity is key. Your freelance cover letter should be concise, focusing on the most compelling information. Aim for a maximum of one page, carefully selecting only the most relevant details to include. This respects the client’s time and keeps their attention on your strongest points.

Hack #7: Include a Call to Action

End your freelance cover letter with a strong call to action. Encourage the client to contact you for an interview or discussion about the project. A simple, “I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your team,” invites further communication.

Hack #8: Proofread and Edit Your Cover Letter

Proofreading your freelance cover letter is crucial. Typos and grammatical errors can undermine your professionalism. Use tools like Grammarly or have a friend review your letter to ensure it’s polished and error-free.

Hack #9: Use a Professional Format and Design

Your freelance cover letter’s format and design should be professional. Stick to a clean, easy-to-read layout. While creativity can be a plus, especially for design-related jobs, ensure it doesn’t distract from the content of your letter.

Hack #10: Follow-Up After Sending

Following up after sending your freelance cover letter can demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment. If you haven’t heard back within a week or two, a polite email reiterating your interest in the project can keep you at the forefront of the client’s mind.

Why does a cover letter not work?

Cover letters might not always achieve their intended impact due to various factors such as the hiring process’s focus, the recipient’s preferences, or the content and presentation of the letter itself. Despite the effort put into crafting a personalized message, these factors can diminish its effectiveness in making your application stand out.


  • Screening Processes: Many companies use automated screening processes (Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS) that focus more on keywords in resumes than the nuances of a cover letter, which can lead to your application being overlooked before it reaches human eyes.
  • High Volume of Applications: For highly sought-after positions, employers may receive an overwhelming number of applications, leading to less time spent reviewing each cover letter or skipping them entirely.
  • Generic Content: If a cover letter is not sufficiently tailored to the job or includes generic phrases, it may fail to capture the employer’s interest, negating its potential impact.
  • Mismatch with Company Culture: Sometimes, the effort put into a cover letter may not align with a company’s culture or the hiring manager’s expectations, making it less effective.
  • Lack of Clarity or Specificity: Cover letters that are too long, lack focus, or fail to clearly articulate how the candidate’s experience and skills match the specific job requirements can be ineffective.
  • Incorrect Assumptions: Assuming too much about the company’s needs or the role without clear evidence can turn off employers, as it may come across as presumptuous or misinformed.
  • Overemphasis on Cover Letter: Overreliance on the cover letter to secure a position, without equally strong resumes or portfolios, can lead to disappointment. It’s crucial to balance all elements of an application.
  • Digital Communication Preferences: With the rise of digital communication, some employers may prefer LinkedIn profiles, online portfolios, or direct email inquiries over traditional cover letters, reducing the latter’s relevance.
  • Subjective Evaluation: The impact of a cover letter can be highly subjective, depending on the reader’s personal preferences, mood, or the specific context within which they are reading it.

3 Compelling Cover Letter Samples for Your Freelance Applications

Freelance Cover

Sample 1: Freelance Graphic Designer

Dear [Client’s Name],

I was thrilled to come across your job posting for a freelance graphic designer on [Platform/Website Name]. With over 5 years of experience in creating compelling visual content that drives engagement and sales, I am confident in my ability to bring your vision for [Specific Project] to life. My portfolio (link to portfolio) showcases a wide range of projects, including brand identities, web designs, and marketing materials that have successfully elevated my clients’ online presence.

One of my recent projects involved redesigning the website for [Previous Client’s Name], resulting in a 40% increase in user engagement. I believe similar strategies can be applied to [Client’s Project], particularly by focusing on [specific need or requirement mentioned in the job post].

I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and have a keen eye for aesthetics that align with current design trends. This ensures that your project will not only meet but exceed your expectations. I am excited about the possibility of collaborating with you and would love to discuss how my skills and experiences align with your goals.

Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] to schedule a conversation. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your team’s success.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Sample 2: Freelance Content Writer

Hello [Client’s Name],

I came across your need for a skilled content writer to enhance your digital marketing efforts, and I am eager to offer my expertise. With a strong background in SEO and content strategy, I specialize in crafting articles that not only captivate readers but also drive organic traffic. My work has contributed to significant growth in audience engagement and conversion rates for previous clients.

Your project focusing on [Specific Topic or Industry] is of particular interest to me. I have extensive experience writing in this niche, as evidenced by my portfolio [link to portfolio]. For instance, my recent project for [Previous Client’s Name] involved creating a content series that increased their web traffic by 30% in three months.

I understand the importance of integrating keywords naturally while maintaining the flow and quality of the content. I am confident that my strategic approach to content creation can achieve the results you’re looking for with [Client’s Project].

Let’s discuss how we can work together to meet your content goals. I am available for a call or meeting at your convenience. You can reach me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address].

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to your brand’s success.


[Your Name]

Sample 3: Freelance Web Developer

Dear [Client’s Name],

As a professional freelance web developer with over 7 years of experience in building high-performing websites, I was excited to see your posting for the development of [Specific Project]. My expertise in front-end and back-end development, coupled with a deep understanding of user experience design, positions me as a strong candidate to bring your project to fruition.

I have successfully completed similar projects, such as [Describe a Relevant Project], where I increased the client’s website speed by 50% and improved the user interface, leading to a 25% uplift in conversion rates. My technical skill set includes proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, as well as experience with WordPress and React.

I am particularly drawn to this project because of [mention any specific reason related to the job posting or client’s goals]. I am keen to apply my technical skills and creativity to achieve the outstanding results you expect for [Client’s Project].

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my background, skills, and enthusiasms align with your project’s needs. Please feel free to contact me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address] to arrange a meeting.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of working together to create a dynamic and user-friendly website for your business.


[Your Name]


A well-crafted freelance cover letter is a powerful tool in increasing your hire rate. By personalizing each letter, starting with a strong opening line, and clearly articulating your value proposition, you can stand out from the competition. Implementing these 10 hacks will not only improve your freelance cover letters but also enhance your overall approach to securing freelance work. Remember, the goal is to make a memorable impression that convinces potential clients you’re the right freelancer for their project.

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