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How to Get More Sales on Fiverr?

Would you like to know How to get more sales on Fiverr? Well, you’re in luck because So here I have put together a list of tips to help you get more sales on Fiverr fast! The thing about selling services or products that are not physical is that it can be hard to put a value on what that service or product is worth. Because of this, many people think they aren’t qualified when actually their service or offer has real value. If I offered someone $100 for something it would seem like a lot when really I could have gotten it for $10 if they were willing to do the research and sell themselves, so why give yourself limits? There’s no reason why your service isn’t valuable just because it doesn’t physically exist in the world yet.

First, make your profile look professional:

To get higher sales, you need to look professional. This means having a quality profile picture that isn’t blurry or out of focus. You might want to take time to change your user pic or avatar on Fiverr to something better looking, appropriate, and not embarrassing. I do this by taking a photo of myself with a high-quality camera because it really does make a difference in how people perceive me.

Add a mind-blowing description to your Gig:

When you’re writing your Gig description, you need to make sure that the first sentence is compelling because this will entice people to read more. You can use something like “Never be late for work again” or “Feel Confident and Safe at Night”. Write your main points in bold font to make them stand out. People are lazy; they don’t want to read long paragraphs so try using bullet points if possible. Also, there’s no reason to write a book about what you do because people simply don’t have the time or patience for it. I’ve found that the best way to describe my Gig is just to list the features and benefits of my service which saves me time and increases sales.

Target keywords in fiverr Gig description :

To get the best results possible, you need to target keywords in your description. Keywords are important because they help people find you on Fiverr. For example, if someone is looking for a logo designer then it makes sense that they would type “Logo Designer” into the search bar. If you’re the only one using the keyword “Logo Design” then there’s a very high chance that you will rank number 1! Therefore, it’s definitely worth taking some time to use various keywords throughout your Gig description because it could make all the difference between higher sales or fewer sales.

Write a descriptive FAQ for the Gig:

If you are offering a service then it would be wise to write a detailed FAQ that explains your process or how the work will be done. This allows potential buyers to see if the Gig is right for them without having to send any messages. For example, I can put “Your logo will be delivered within 1-week max” in my Fiverr FAQ which gives greater peace of mind for customers who are looking for fast turnaround times.

Add videos to your Gigs:

Videos are a great way to increase the professionalism of your Gig and give buyers an extra reason to purchase from you. You can make videos for each service or put all related videos into a playlist and link it in your description. For example, I’ve created several YouTube tutorials on how people can use Adobe Illustrator to create custom logos so I could have linked these instead of repeating myself over and over again in my description.

Stay active on Fiverr:

You need to be active on Fiverr because it’s the only way of getting sales and feedback. This means having a quick response time and checking your messages regularly. If someone needs revisions then try responding immediately and if you’re gone for a day or two then tell them so they don’t have to wait around.

Do not under-price your service:

It’s important that you don’t underprice your service because that means people will think you’re a beginner and won’t want to give you money for your efforts. I would advise trying to keep prices around the same level as similar services on Fiverr so customers understand exactly what they are getting in return. In my experience, people don’t usually read descriptions anyway so it doesn’t matter if they get the idea from your price or from your Gig description.

Always add an extra incentive:

To get more sales, you have to offer something extra that other Fiverr Sellers do not. This could be additional artwork or a complimentary service for example. For my Logo Designs service, I offer a free custom banner design which is a nice bonus and tempts people into purchasing from me when they search “Logo Design” on Fiverr.

Price your Gig at the upper end of the scale:

I would advise pricing your Gig at the upper end of the scale because people are more likely to purchase from an experienced seller over a beginner. Don’t price yourself out of the market completely but try to be reasonable with your prices. Over time, you can gradually raise them as Fiverr starts recognizing you as a high-quality service provider.

Send Offers to Buyers:

I would advise sending personalized offers to customers if they have bought from you before because this makes them feel appreciated and gives you a better chance of receiving a positive review. Also, it’s always nice to thank customers who purchase from you by offering something extra in return for their custom. This could be another deal or freebie that promotes your Gig or service further. In my experience, people are more likely to leave 5-star reviews for sellers who send them freebies!!

Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew:

It’s perfectly fine to over-deliver on your Gig but doesn’t take on more than you can handle. If you are creating a logo for someone then give them an option of 3 different concepts so they get the most out of your service. Don’t rush through it in one day because that will show when their logo is delivered and then reflected back in negative reviews.

Speak to Buyers Directly:

Speak directly to buyers by messaging people who have left you positive reviews or Favourites because this increases your chances of getting more sales very quickly. Even if some of these people don’t need services from you, just ask them if they would like to work with you and provide a link to your portfolio or social media pages.

On-time delivery:

Always make sure you deliver your Gig on time or early if possible because this is a big factor when people are deciding whether to buy from you. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver in this instance because it will ensure you get more sales from the same customer. For example, I usually communicate with my buyers before the deadline but always meet or exceed expectations.

Sell More Than One Service:

Sell more than one service because it encourages people to purchase from you and gives your customers the option of doing business with you on future Fiverr gigs. I would recommend creating a similar service that complements your original offering and then linking these together in your description so customers see where they can go next if they like what you do.

If You Do Well, Respond Well:

If someone leaves a positive review for you, respond back as soon as possible to show appreciation and say thank you! This builds up a good rapport which is especially important if someone has left a 3 or 4-star rating because those reviews can be deleted by Fiverr if both parties demonstrate positivity throughout the transaction. For example, I would contact my customers straight away with a message of thanks.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

Well, it’s impossible to say exactly how much money you will earn from Fiverr but I have talked about my earnings in detail below: My average price for a logo design is $40 USD (£24 GBP) which makes around $160 (£96GBP) per day if I choose to accept 4 orders which usually takes 1 hour each.

Promotion Outside of Fiverr:

Almost all of the sales I made on Fiverr were from customers who found my service by searching “Logo Design” which means that they usually ended up at the bottom of the search list (due to fewer people searching for this phrase) so it’s important you promote your Gig outside of Fiverr. You can do this by creating a website or social media profile and linking them to your Fiverr profile. This is the best way to get more exposure for your Gig because it will give buyers an extra reason to purchase from you.

Communicate What You Offer Clearly:

You need to explain your service in full on your profile and make it clear what buyers will receive when they purchase from you. Don’t worry about repeating yourself by saying things like “Logo Design Service” because people will click through to see what you actually do (if they’re interested that is). So, for my logo design service, I wrote: “I offer a fast and easy way of getting a professional-looking Logo designed for your Company/Blog, etc… This service provides high-quality artwork and high-resolution files so please bear this in mind when placing your order.”

Don’t Forget to Tag It Right:

If you want your Gig to appear when people search for relevant keywords, then you need to tag your Gig correctly. On Fiverr, there are 3 different tags that you can add: Keywords (includes up to 5 words), Tags (includes up to 20 tags), and Location… I have included a screenshot of my profile below so you can see how I tagged my order form.

Promote Your Gig on Social Media:

I would advise promoting your Gig on social media too because this is a great way of reaching the wider market and the more exposure it gets from these websites, the better. There’s no point in getting 1000 likes/followers if only 10 of them ever buy from you though! However, the only way to grow this number is by promoting your Gig on these sites.

Get more reviews on Fiverr:

To get more reviews on Fiverr, you need to communicate with your customers throughout the entire transaction so they feel comfortable leaving you a review. If they have put in orders for 3 different Gigs from you and everything is perfect, then there’s a high chance that they will want to leave a positive review which will help increase your sales even further.


I hope this guide has given you a better understanding of how to make more sales on Fiverr. It’s not as hard as it might look because all you have to do is communicate with your customers, promote your Gig outside of Fiverr and try to rank higher in the search engines. I wish you all the best with making sales on Fiverr!

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