How to Get More Connects on Upwork

Upwork is a dynamic platform that connects freelancers with clients from all around the world. As a freelancer on Upwork, your success largely depends on your ability to secure jobs by submitting proposals to various job postings. To submit these proposals, you need “connects,” which are essentially tokens that allow you to bid on projects. While Upwork provides a limited number of free connects each month, you can take several steps to acquire more and increase your chances of landing quality projects. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies to get more connects on Upwork.

What Are Upwork Connects?

Connects are the currency of Upwork. When you find a job posting that you’re interested in, you need to spend a certain number of connections to submit a proposal. The number of connects required varies depending on the job’s complexity and budget. For example, a small project might cost you 2 connections, while a larger, higher-paying project might require 6 or more connects.

Why Are Connects Important?

Connects are essential because they determine your ability to bid on job opportunities. Without connects, you cannot submit proposals, which means you won’t be able to compete for projects. Having an ample supply of connects is crucial for expanding your job opportunities and ultimately earning more as a freelancer on Upwork.

Strategies to Get More Connects on Upwork: 

Completing Your Profile:

One of the simplest ways to earn free connects is by fully completing your Upwork profile. Upwork often rewards freelancers with additional connects for having comprehensive and attractive profiles. Here’s how you can optimize your profile:

Detailed Information:

 Provide thorough information about your skills, experiences, and portfolio. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to receive extra connects.

Professional Photo: 

Adding a high-quality, professional profile photo can significantly enhance your credibility and attract clients.

Taking Skills Tests:

Upwork offers a variety of skills tests in different categories. By taking and passing these tests, you can earn additional connects. Here’s how to make the most of skills tests:

Select Relevant Tests: 

Choose tests that align with your skills and the services you offer. This not only helps you earn connects but also showcases your expertise to potential clients.

Inviting Clients and Freelancers:

Upwork has a referral program that rewards you with extra connects when you refer clients or freelancers to the platform. Here’s how it works:

Client Referrals: 

If you refer a client who subsequently hires a freelancer through Upwork and spends a specified amount on the platform, you’ll receive bonus connects.

Freelancer Referrals: 

Similarly, if you refer a freelancer who becomes active on Upwork and earns a certain amount, you’ll earn extra connects.

Participating in Upwork Promotions:

Upwork occasionally runs promotional events that offer bonus connects for specific actions. Keep an eye on Upwork’s announcements and actively participate in these events to earn extra connects. Common types of promotions include:

Connect Bonuses: 

Upwork may offer additional connects as a bonus when you purchase connects or achieve specific milestones.

Profile Completeness Bonuses:

Completing certain sections of your profile during promotional periods can earn you bonus connects.

Membership Benefits: 

Upgrading to a paid Upwork membership tier may come with connect bonuses and other perks.

Efficiently Managing Your Connects:

Acquiring more connects is essential, but managing them efficiently is equally important. Here are some tips for effective connect management:

Track Connect Usage:

Keep track of how you use your connects. Maintain a record of the projects you’ve bid on and their outcomes. This helps you analyze which types of projects yield the best results for your connects.

Set a Connect Budget:

Establish a monthly budget for your connects. Determine how many connects you’re willing to spend in a given month and allocate them strategically to projects that align with your skills and goals.

Review and Refine Your Bidding Strategy:

Periodically review your bidding strategy. If you find that certain types of projects consistently yield positive results, consider focusing more on them. Likewise, if a particular category isn’t generating success, reevaluate your approach.


Accumulating more connects on Upwork is crucial for freelancers looking to expand their job opportunities and succeed on the platform. By optimizing your profile, taking skills tests, referring clients and freelancers, and participating in promotions, you can amass additional connects that give you a competitive edge.

Remember that success on Upwork depends on a combination of skills, a well-crafted profile, and smart connect management. Utilize these strategies wisely to elevate your freelancing journey on Upwork, and you’ll increase your chances of securing rewarding projects and building a thriving freelance career. Happy freelancing!

How to Stay Updated with Upwork?

Stay ahead of the curve by regularly checking Upwork’s news, blogs, and newsletters. Knowing what’s hot and what’s not allows you to fine-tune your strategy.

What’s the Secret to a Connect Budget?

Budgeting your Connects is like budgeting your weekly treat allowance. Decide how many Connects you’re willing to spend each month, and invest them wisely in projects aligned with your skills.

What’s the Deal with Referring Clients and Freelancers?

It’s a win-win! Upwork’s referral program gives you bonus Connects when you bring clients or freelancers into the fold. Once they meet certain spending or earning criteria, you’ll see those extra Connects in your account.

Any Exciting Promotions to Boost Connects?

Yes, Upwork spices things up with promotions. Earn bonus Connects by purchasing them, filling out your profile, or leveling up your membership. It’s like getting Connects with a cherry on top!

How can I set a Connect budget effectively?

To set a Connect budget, determine how many Connects you’re willing to spend monthly. Allocate them strategically to projects that align with your skills and goals.

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