There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about whether is Fiverr good for artists. Some people say that it is no better than doing free work, while others argue that it is an excellent way to get exposure and practice your trade. In this article, we will explore both sides of the argument and provide you with pros and cons so you can decide if Fiverr is right for you!

Before we begin, I’d like to highlight that there are undoubtedly some extremely saturated markets when it comes to selling on Fiverr. So if you’re looking to sell logos, for example, you may want to see if there are any niches that get searched for and that aren’t extremely competitive.

I want to give you the best advice possible in a digital marketing sense, so taking a look at Fiverr’s different art categories and seeing what’s selling well and where the competition is low is your best bet at making some money and growing your account relatively quickly.

The Cons of Fiverr For Artists

Expectancy of low prices

The problem with Fiverr and similar sites is that (some) potential customers go there because they want to hire someone for a low price, which implies that if they contact you for a job, they’re already expecting to pay little money. Fiverr does Pro services now as well, so if you pass their application process, you can target customers looking for a higher price ticket to meet their budget.

Quantity Over Quality

There are many sellers on Fiverr who make a living by churning out a lot of work that is not so much high quality but high in quantity. This low-quality work is made cheaply and quickly in order to complete as many ‘Gigs’ or jobs as possible to sustain a living wage from the platform.

Not for all types of artists

Depending on what type of art you are selling, you may be up against a slew of eager youngsters competing for jobs for nickels and dimes. If you’re an art professional seeking to make a living, Fiverr may not be right for you unless you have the time and stamina to work on numerous projects simultaneously. That being said, if you find the right type of niche opportunities for gigs where the price is right and it’s not too competitive, you may be in luck.

The Pros of Fiverr For Artists

Free traffic & exposure

Fiverr is free to sign up for and to use, you can begin listing jobs right after you set up your profile, once set up, the website is already getting a ton of traffic. So as long as you make sure to do some research into which search terms/keywords are driving sales and have low competition, you could do very well. If you’re looking to target an oversaturated market such as ‘logo design’, then you may need to spend some time to see if there is a specific niche of logo design with low competition.

Creates leads and future work

Sometimes returning clients and customers on Fiverr can reach out to you independently, so Fiverr may serve as a lead generation platform for you as well as an initial side earnings platform. It is important to remember that they do drive a lot of traffic to their website, which is extremely valuable.

Increase rates as you grow

It’s difficult to make a living, but you may still earn a few extra dollars. The goal is to avoid providing something that will be time-consuming at first until your rating improves and you can increase your prices.

It is possible to do well on Fiverr, even VERY well, but it usually takes a little time to get some momentum going. And the best strategy is to try and stand out from the crowd. Those who started out early on Fiverr have had a bit of an advantage, but if you pick the right niche and ‘Gig’ offering, it is possible. It’s a good idea when you’re starting out to have other work going on as well until your Fiverr account gets big enough and are ready to make it your full-time gig.


Is Fiverr good for artists? Well, that depends! It depends on what type of art you intend to sell and what niche you’re going to sell it in. It also depends on what the artist’s expectations of earnings are and personal needs. My strong advice would be to stay away from highly competitive ‘Gigs’ being sold on Fiverr and look for low-competition Gigs that have few sellers overall but with some reviews to prove they are getting traffic. But even still, you must be patient, and over time as your profile grows, so can your prices.

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