Secrets of Upwork Job Success Score

In the world of freelancing, Upwork is a leading platform that connects professionals with clients for remote work opportunities. Yet, the Upwork Job Success Score (JSS) can be a bit puzzling for many. This guide aims to simplify this important metric, explaining what it is, how you can get it, how it’s calculated, what a good score looks like, and how to improve it. If you’re looking to succeed on Upwork, understanding your JSS is a key step on your journey.

What is the Job Success Score on Upwork?

The Upwork Job Success Score, commonly referred to as JSS, is a metric that measures a freelancer’s overall client satisfaction and success on the platform. It is represented as a percentage, and the higher the score, the better. A high JSS indicates that you consistently deliver quality work, meet deadlines, and maintain positive client relationships.

How to Get a Job Success Score on Upwork

To acquire a Job Success Score on Upwork, you need to actively engage in projects on the platform. Here’s how it works:

Create a Profile: 

Start by creating a comprehensive and appealing freelancer profile that highlights your skills, experience, and expertise.

Bid on Projects: 

Search for projects that match your skills and submit well-crafted proposals. Winning contracts is the first step toward building your JSS.

Deliver Quality Work: 

Once you’ve secured a project, focus on delivering exceptional work. This includes meeting deadlines, adhering to project requirements, and communicating effectively with the client.

Collect Client Feedback: 

After completing a project, encourage your client to provide feedback on your performance. Positive feedback is instrumental in building a strong JSS.

How is the Upwork Job Success Score Calculated?

The calculation of the JSS involves several key components:

Client Feedback: 

The feedback provided by your clients plays a pivotal role in determining your JSS. Positive feedback boosts your score, while negative feedback can lower it.

Long-term Relationships: 

Long-term clients who repeatedly hire you and give positive feedback can significantly impact your JSS.

Completed Contracts: 

Successfully completing contracts and having a higher number of them can positively influence your score.

Outcome of Contracts: 

Contracts that end without payment or disputes can negatively affect your JSS.

Client Activity: The platform also takes into account factors like client inactivity or account suspension when calculating your score.

How to Increase the Job Success Score on Upwork

Now that we’ve unraveled the JSS and discussed what it is, let’s delve into strategies to improve and maintain a high score:

Deliver Exceptional Work: 

The foundation of a high JSS is consistently delivering high-quality work. Meet deadlines, exceed client expectations, and communicate effectively to ensure satisfaction.

Maintain Strong Client Relationships:

Building rapport with clients can lead to long-term relationships and positive feedback. Always be professional, responsive, and proactive in addressing concerns.

Choose the Right Projects:

Select projects that align with your skills and expertise. Projects you excel in are more likely to result in positive outcomes and satisfied clients.

Communicate Effectively:

Clear and timely communication is key. Regularly update clients on project progress, discuss any issues openly, and respond to messages promptly.

Handle Disputes Gracefully: 

In case of disputes, aim to resolve them amicably. A negotiated resolution is often better than a dispute escalation, which can negatively impact your JSS.

Encourage Client Feedback: 

After completing a project successfully, kindly request feedback from your clients. Positive reviews enhance your JSS.


The Upwork Job Success Score is a pivotal metric that reflects your performance and client satisfaction on the platform. Understanding its components and implementing strategies to improve it can significantly boost your success as a freelancer on Upwork. Remember, a high JSS is not just a number; it’s a testament to your professionalism, quality of work, and commitment to client success. By consistently delivering exceptional service and nurturing positive client relationships, you can watch your JSS rise, opening the doors to more exciting opportunities in the world of online freelancing.

What is a Good Job Success Score on Upwork?

A good Job Success Score on Upwork is typically considered to be above 90%. However, what’s considered “good” can vary depending on your niche and competition. It’s essential to aim for the highest score possible within your field to stand out to potential clients.

Can clients see my Job Success Score on Upwork?

Yes, your JSS is visible on your Upwork profile and can influence clients’ decisions when hiring freelancers.

Can I recover a low Job Success Score?

Yes, by consistently improving your performance and receiving positive feedback, you can raise your JSS over time.

Is the Job Success Score the only factor clients consider when hiring on Upwork?

No, clients also consider your profile, skills, portfolio, and proposal quality.

Does a single negative review significantly affect my JSS?

It depends on the overall feedback and your total number of contracts. A single negative review may have less impact with a strong history of positive feedback.

Can I get a Job Success Score if I’m new to Upwork?

Yes, as soon as you complete contracts and gather feedback, you can obtain a JSS.

What is considered a good Job Success Score on Upwork?

A good JSS is typically above 90%, but what’s “good” can vary by industry and competition.

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